Advanced 2


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Refine mold design with SOLIDWORKS Advanced 2 training. Learn plastics simulation for efficient injection molding. Ideal for engineers and designers seeking hands-on expertise.

What to expect

Mold Design

Basic flow analysis

Detecting a short shot

Injection locations and sink marks

Mesh manipulation

Detecting air traps and packing and cooling times

Multiple cavity molds

Symmetry analysis

Valve gates and hot runners

Reaction injection molding, co-injection- and bi-injection molding

Using inserts

Multi-material overmolding

Cooling and warpage analysis

More info

VAT included


Complete / attend Introduction to Technical Drawing course or similar experience.

Computer literacy skills.

Mechanical design experience

SOLIDWORKS training courses help you achieve your goals, whether you want to improve your skills, resume training, or learn how to use SOLIDWORKS tools for the first time.


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