Why Cadmes?

Proven optimisation of your processes from design to production

We support you in the goal of being a sustainable manufacturing company with a vision, direction, and a clear strategy.

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The manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation. New, innovative technologies offer you the opportunity to use data to optimise your engineering process and to better serve your customer. If you want to remain future-proof as a manufacturing company, it is important to innovate before your competitors do.

But how do you make optimal use of these technologies? And how do you ensure that your organization and your processes fit in with this new way of producing? Cadmes helps you move forward with the process and product optimisation for the entire chain or part of that chain. We do our utmost: we help you analyse, organise, streamline processes, improve your production process, motivate your people, and choose the right tooling for your organisation – whether that is our own tooling or not. So that you can unleash the full potential of your manufacturing company.


Why Choose Cadmes?

Cadmes is dedicated to supporting companies that want to grow, innovate and dare to challenge the status quo. With our knowledge and experience within the industry, we can offer you the right help to transform successfully and work across the chain.

Time Efficient

Time Efficient

Faster development and marketing of your products

Save time during the modification and validation of your prototypes

Automation and reduction of administrative tasks for engineers

Optimal scheduling of preventive maintenance



Transform your business into the industry of the future

Smart manufacturing

Optimisation of your product development processes

Better articulation between innovative tools, knowledge, hardware, and software, and production process

Management of the entire life cycle of your products



Better tracking of changes to your documents through optimal management of revisions

Automatic updating of documents to avoid any production errors

Improving your image with your customers/prospects

Better software - machine communication



Better exchange of information between employees, partners, and customers

Better data flow management

Control of access to confidential information

Better structure in documentation and access for engineers to necessary and up-to-date information



A clearer idea of ​​the different stages of your product development process

Improved knowledge about the quality of your product

Continuous information on trends in your sector

Improving the use of your software through training



More efficient and lower cost product development process

Increase your competitiveness within your sector

Automation of the product configuration process for efficient and rapid management of personalised orders

What are the benefits for you?

Precise Idea

Our analytical capacity allows you to have a better idea of ​​the current situation within your company. It is a good way for you to find out exactly how the performance of the business can be improved and to take effective action.


Based on the results of the analysis, we can together define a clear strategy for the coming years to translate these challenges into growth.

Two people high fiving with their hands infront of a tall building.


Once you have identified areas for improvement in your operational processes, you can optimize them in a targeted and efficient manner. You will work in a more “Lean” manner and thus increase both the productivity of your employees and the efficiency of your processes.

Customer Success Manager

Nigel de Bruin

Find out how to use the full potential of your manufacturing business

Let one of our specialists take a close look at your operational processes and:

Find out how to use the full potential of your manufacturing business

Let one of our specialists take a close look at your operational processes and: