Routing: Piping & Tubing and Electrical

SOLIDWORKS Routing: Piping & Tubing and Electrical

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The SOLIDWORKS Routing Bundle course is a comprehensive training program designed to teach participants how to create and modify complex electrical, piping, and tubing systems using the SOLIDWORKS Routing software. 

As an engineer, you want your design to be realised through production exactly as you had in mind. But then you need to provide them with all the correct information. A good working drawing of your design is therefore essential.

In the SOLIDWORKS Routing: Piping & Tubing and Electrical training you will learn to efficiently design and manage pipework routes. This hands-on course covers key aspects of routing design, including 3D modelling, generating detailed drawings, performing analysis, and optimizing design efficiency.

What to expect

Piping routes

3D sketching

Tubing routes

Piping and tubing amendments

Piping and tubing drawings and components

Tanks, valves, pumps, skids and others

Use of P&IDfiles

Electrical routing and data import

Standard Cables, flex cables and reusing routes

Electrical drawings

Electrical conduits

More info

VAT included


Complete / attend Introduction to

Technical drawing course or similar experience

Complete the SOLIDWORKS Essentials

 Computer literacy skills
Understanding & reading technical drawings

SOLIDWORKS training courses help you achieve your goals, whether you want to improve your skills, resume training, or learn how to use SOLIDWORKS tools for the first time.


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