Advanced Part Modeling

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling

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SOLIDWORKS offers you advanced capabilities that give you maximum control over the creation of complex-shaped parts. However, in order to make optimal use of these possibilities, some prior knowledge is required. The SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling training is part of the Advanced 1 training course and offers you that prior knowledge so that you get a grip on complicated SOLIDWORKS features such as sweeping, lofts, and splines.

In the SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling training you will learn to make optimal use of the advanced design possibilities that SOLIDWORKS offers you. This helps you create complex-shaped parts and transitions in products. It is possible to follow the training in class or remotely.

What to expect

The use of multibody techniques

Advanced “sweeps” and “curves”

Lofts and splines

Other advanced features such as Advanced filleting, Wrap, Deform, etc.

More info

VAT included


Complete / attend Introduction to Technical Drawing course or similar experience

Complete the SOLIDWORKS Essentials

Computer literacy skills

Understanding & reading technical drawings

SOLIDWORKS training courses help you achieve your goals, whether you want to improve your skills, resume training, or learn how to use SOLIDWORKS tools for the first time.

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling


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